Drive customer satisfaction, promote customer loyalty, and increase word of mouth using Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology

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As an authorized reseller of Satmetrix Systems cutting edge Customer Experience management NPX software we help organizations incorporate the latest NPS methodology to drive performance

Saving you time and effort

Satmetrix NPX's Out-of-the-box reports are not only intuitive and visually stunning, but built for easy drilldown and exploration to uncover root causes of delight and disappointment for your most valuable customers.

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@velocity Love it! Thank you for making my life easier and saving me time! I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends. :)

@LisaW, Bristol

(Founders and CEO Executive Dashboard Capturing Live Data Analytics)

Map your Customer Journey

The Customer Graph provides a single, integrated view of the customer journey by mapping performance of customer touch points in an always-on, real-time visual representation of your customer journey.

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I find the mobile app very useful when I'm on the go. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem

@JackT, San Francisco

(Customer Journey Heat Map & Graph)

Visualize Your Customer Data

Identify and prioritize key performance areas that are most strongly correlated with customer loyalty and customer satisfaction to help you optimize your investment and resources.

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Nice template! It’s practical and there is no gimmicks. Very easy to customise as well!

@AlexD, London

(Powerful Data & Easy Visuals)

Connect your users

Built-in social sharing functions make it easy to communicate your findings with stakeholders throughout your organization and encourage collaboration. Greater employee engagement helps to drive customer delight and increase customer lifetime value.

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@JackT, San Francisco

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